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Building Team in Krabi

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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia:
Production Plant : 24-26 August 2017 : Krabi

Team Building on 24-26 August at Krabi (84 People)

Jc.Tour is very proud to have a chance to service the high potential team from MB Malaysia. This building project, MB Malaysia requests all things concerning The Customs, Traditional, The interesting places of Krabi.

Jc.Tour started to do this special program as requested. Below are the pictures and details to show "how great and fun this project"...

Airport- Khun Numwaan, Khun RR, Khun Yaya and Khun Kui pick the team from AK: AirAsia in the early morning.

Ms.NumWaan and teams say "Welcome the group". Simple and Easy because the system of transportation was set up as comfortable by the Minibus.

Always, All life developing as MB styles: Learning on Activities Time. High Standard Meeting Room.

All the members of Mercedes Benz are very active to learn all the things, before the "Team Building Start" They study, Do the work, Work shop, explain, Make a great group etc... All in all, nice things to do on a nice time.

Beach Olympic Game. "Real make the team."

All the members: start the game with a very serious goal to be the winner. However, all the ways of the game make them funny funny and real funny. The fighting has happened, the team is gently built because of fun and sharp aim to be the winner... Great and real building team.

Exercise: MB – Malaysia never stops fit.

All the guests at Holiday Inn are surprised with this team, they have never seen people love the health very much like this before. The MB Malaysia team do the exercise as a great on the field (Provided by Jc.Tour) of the hotel.

Time for the Island.

As the style of Jc.Tour needs to show something different.. The team of Mercedes Benz takes the speed boat from Nopparat Beach to the Top Reputation place of Krabi - Pranang Bay and Railay Beach. There are so many things to do at the places. Funny, Relaxing, Sightseeing, Visiting, Studying, Creative and Team Building at the same time.

Emerald Pool, or Crystal Lake is the "Signature of Krabi" We finished the second day activities at the place as well as served the Muslim Food at the restaurant nearby the river and safari.

Classic dinner with the classic dance.

The special dinner had taken place in the Luxury Room. Delicious Thai Food served as the atmosphere of classic light and Thai Traditional Classic Dance. Every person is happy, every person feels like being friends and being a team.

Who is the winner?

The last thing to do on this late night: Announce for the Winner of the fist sessions GAME...

The second session of the game: Thai Cooking Completion.

The hard, simple and beautiful... Jc.Tour set up the competitive place for this cooking game at the best area of Krabi. Everyone starts with the first step to the end of 5 minutes of Thai Food. Everyone had a great day, but the winner is just the one.

The service team from Jc.Tour - Ya, Waan, RR, Kui and Yaya... They feel so happy to have a chance to give the best service to the team. Say welcome with a big smile and bigger smile on the Goodbye day.

Jc.Tour Minibus team. We used 9 minibuses with the polite drivers to  service the tea.

Again, and Again, We thank you very much for giving the chance to serve your team- MB Malaysia... Thank you, we appreciate it.

If you are interested in doing "team building" like this, please Tell us what you want.

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